julio 04, 2012



june 19th

that is not a problem at all,

you have to call me first on phone so i can be rest assured that you are willing to be my partner, i have all the proof, but the way you are acting by keeping silent over sending me your details is different from my position,

give me your details and i will send it to you imediatel i hear from you or see your pictures,
thanks my sweet one

same day...


hello darling,
for sure prove this is my id

thanks for tell me that all you needed now is my id

the Attachments is my address,
call the reverend williams number for more information, so i hope you are ok now to help send yours

i love you and have given you my consent and will,
thanks for all
yours only miss monic,

june 21st

hope sir, 
you are not mocking at my condition, try and know that i have confident on you before sending my id to you and you are dealing an orphan like me
please help me if your inner heart asked you to help me

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