mayo 27, 2012

Hello  My Dear
How are you and your family,i hope you are well over there. My dear i most appreciate your efforts to assist me, just as i have requested from you.
Please i have just got you introduced to the bank as my life partner and the person who will enable to standing on my behalf as regards to the money, i have notified them that i would like them to get the money transferred into your account in your country.
Please all i need from you now is to contact the bank just as i have requested from you because they have already know you and waiting for your mail or call for then to confirm on the possibility of transferring this money successfully into your account.
I will like you to do this as soon as possible ,they have got you acknowledged as my trustee.My dear, i will be waiting to hear from you soon.
Please try all you can do to fasten up about this, i would like to be with you soon,try and contact them through their email address and their office number as i have giving to you,
Concerning the information you will  need about me to contact the bank,i want you to write them and tell them that you are my partner because i have told them that you will contact them,My name is Joy Desmond,my fathers name is Dr Philip Desmond,
i want you to write to them today because they will be waiting for your mail and your call,i need you to assist me so that i can get my fathers money and you will also be happy with your own family because the money is enough to make all of us happy.
I want you to know that i don't have any family now and i want your family to be mine.
i will be waiting for your mail if you contact the bank.
Take good care of your self for me
Yours good friend

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