mayo 14, 2012

Maureen Bugiba

Hello my dear,
Very sorry for not have written you, the computer is not good until today, i m sorry as  have not written to you but even you, you only write me only this mail. How are you today ?
I have read your letter and understand what you said about proof, the truth is that since you started responding to my letter, i can still understand some words of you that seems i am the one forcing my life to you. i am not forcing my life to you but i only wanted you to what what ever that your heat tells you.
As regard to my identity card, i will be now  sending the identity card to you with other documents of proof both of my late Dad and the bank.
I want you to think very well before accepting to help me and hope even you will be able to give me a roof of your self.
These documents suppose to be my confidential documents but i will send it to you for the sake of the relationship.
I wish you the best of the day.

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