mayo 10, 2012


Good day my love HH,
I hope that everything is fine with you and you are also in good health.
Honey i read your mail and i quite understood that it is true that most people have this doubting spirit more especially someone like me, I find it difficult believing people in this life but i must have to be truthful to you in other to get assistance to start a better life,that is the chance i have to take in this life.
Honey remember that most peoples which you knows today you don't know them before is through good friendship from your heart that you knows them.
Darling,i gave you in formations concerning my late father's money,because i must have to trust you to get assistance to start a better life,that is the chance i have to take in this life.
My love we should start to see each other as best of partners that wants the best for each other,that way we will never doubt the trustworthiness of each other,i hope you understand.
Honey i would advice you to remove doubt from your heart and thought when it comes to issues concerning our love life because i would never lie or let you down because i want you to assist me,i want you to know that i hope and look up to you for sincere help,so what i will do is to make sure that i am very sincere in all my dealings with you and expect the same thing from you because what i propose to you is very important which needed your intention.
as i told you that i have contacted the bank and all they ask me is to look for a foreign partner who will stand for me and also use his account information to receive the money because of my refugee status,
you know that i have no passport even the resident permit which i can use to stand for myself,so that is the reason why i want you to send me your full detail informations so that i will know you very well and give you my late father bank contact for you to contact them for the transfer so that after the transfer you can send me some money from it which i will use to get my travel passport and papers which i will use to come out from this prison called refugee camp and come over to your country to meet you for a better life and continue my education because i don't want to live or to invest over here in Africa because of what happened to my parents.
My love i still believe that you are the only one that can bring me out of this situation, because you are really a God sent in my life.
I have been patiently waiting for this moment in my life, and i feel now that God has finally answered my prayers through you. Honey as soon as you contact the bank and them transfer this my money into your account it will help us to start a new life for our future.
Thanks and remain bless.
Take good care of your self for me .
Always yours forever love

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