mayo 25, 2012

the woman in the picture is the porno actress GRACE FROM ATKEXOTICS.

on date o mat:


city: san diego, usa

my name is naomi patt, 32years, I am a sexy woman, I am romantic, loving, caring, open minded woman, faithul, gentle, kind, honest, love hugs, , showing affection. I am single, I have never been married, and have got no Children, I am 5ft 8inc tall, slim, and During my spare time I enjoy going to the Cinema, listening to Music, visiting Ancient monuments . My idea of a perfect date would be walking hand in hand through the park & watching a sunset together, going to a see a movie at the Cinema, or just walking together holding hands around the local town or shops. I value love, honesty, truth, respect, kindness, faithfulness, and open mind, and a kind and caring nature. I love openness. I am seriously searching for that one special man in my life, to have a serious and lasting relationship together,and Marriage, and for that one special man, I would be willing to relocate to be with him.Contact on my private add.i dont get on here often You can add me to my yahoo messenger naomipatt or


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Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 08:41:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: Naomi Patt <>

Hello HH

I am an energetic and sociable person. I appreciate decency and sincerity in a relationship between a man and a woman. The inner beauty is more important for me than the beauty of appearance..... I wish to open a new world of open relationship with a loving,caring and sincere man share with him his sorrows and joys, be his best friend and life partner I like to travel very much. It is very interesting to get more knowledge about the new countries, new people and traditions. It's great to have such a possibility.I'm a quiet, kind, loyal. A great meaning for me is a human's soul. Circle of my interests is various. I like the literature, music, and cinema. personality traits are; calm, honest, kind, loyal, flexible, elegant, sociable, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, optimistic,romantic  .My perception of an ideal , I would like to see near me clever, intelligent, and reliable man. Which would require my emotional heat, capable to like and respect the woman. I have to let you know as well, that am an honest person as i have said, and i have to be honest with that, i don't have any boyfriend at present now and am not  in any serious relationship.   am a great giver because I so much believes in the Multiplied returns and that's why I doesn’t lack anything.. I never speak negatively about people, I take less and listen more to people and does not jump into other people's affairs.

Am very understanding,open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humor, hard working with cheerful character,honest,sincere,kind, warm and intelligent with good look .have fully decided to be a role Model to my children and a good, loving and caring wife to my husband.But I doesn’t want to mess myself with the wrong Man.I am a lady who possess these qualities: loving, faithful, kind, compassionate, honesty, trustworthy, caring, sincere,
loyal, friend, morals, easy to talk to, and passionate I have no problem in communicate about feelings, needs, wants, hopes, dreams, problems, solutions, and other things that can make a relationship work.  I know communication is part of a healthy relationship.  Without it relationship is doom for failure I have no problem listen to someone I love.So tell how long have you been searching and have dated any woman online or any that you are exchanging email with...I am much new on here and do you stays in a house of your own and what location are you now.



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