mayo 30, 2012

Good day my dear,
Thanks a lot for your love and kindness towards me ,my dear i have heard all you said,my dear but you really have to contact the bank through their email address that i gave to you and tell them that you are my foreign partner and you want to know the possibilities of transferring my money into your account in your country so that i can be able to you join you immediately the money is transferred into your account,please my dear also try and know that i have send a nomination letter to the bank on your behalf and by now they will be expecting that you contact them for further transfer into your bank account,please my dear just do whatever you can to help me because you are everything i have,i will be waiting to hear from you,yours Zenabou

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  1. Cette lettre que j'ai reçue aussi vient d'une adresse mail basée au sénégal. Société ARC INFORMATIQUE
    Point E Tour de l'oeuf face piscine olympique
    tel 221 338 598 585
    C'est l'information que m'a donnée IP avec l'option afficher la source.
    C'est bien une arnaque