mayo 10, 2012

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Date: Fri, 4 May 2012 01:41:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: merabel baby <>

Hello Dearest,
Good day, Please forgive me if i am a disturbance to you,it is only that i have something important to discuss with you, Although we have not known each other before,But after praying and seeking God's Directives,I decided to contact you, and also from the inspirations that i had from God, i believed that you will not fail me, and that through you, i will get the assistance needed.
However, My name is Miss Merabel John,I am 24years;from Sudan; daughter to late Mr John.Garang (Southern South First Leader)who was officially appointed first vice-president - a position he held for only three weeks before he was killed in a helicopter crash. After the burial of my father, my uncle conspired and sold my father's properties to one Chinese Expatriate and live nothing for me. One faithful morning, I opened my father's briefcase and found out the documents which he have deposited huge amount of money in one bank with my name as the next of kin. I escaped to Senegal to seek asylum,for my security, because i am not save with my uncle.
I have made contact with the bank where the money is deposited,in their responds, they told me that my father's instruction to the bank was the money to be released to me only when I am married or present a trustee who will help me and invest the money overseas, coupled with the refugee law of Senegal that prevented a refugee from handling anything money.So I am in search of;an honest,reliable person who will help me and stand as my trustee,partner,so that I will present him to the Bank for transfer of the money to his bank account overseas.
Though you may wonder why I am so soon revealing myself to you without knowing you, well, I will say that my mind convinced me that you are the true person to help me. More so,I would like to disclose much to you if you can help me to relocate to your country because my uncle have threaten to assassinate me. The amount is $4.5 Million.You will also help me to place the money in a more profitable business venture in your Country. However, you will help by recommending a nice University in your country so that I can complete my studies.
As soon as I receive your interest in helping me, I will put things into action immediately, by nominating you officially to the bank; In light of the above, I shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely. Please do keep this only to your self. I beg you not to disclose it till i come over because I am afraid of my wicked uncle who has threatened to kill me,Yours,

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