junio 17, 2012



Hello My Dearest,

How are you over there in my dream country? with hope that you are in good health. dear, i pray that time and life will bring us together, i want you to know what i told you concerning my situation and my late father fund is true and God is my witness.

Dear, think about this, if you were in my shoes, will you lie to some one who is willing to help you out?listen very carefully i rather die than to lie to you that is a vow i made to my God that i will never disappoint you even in my grave, i have attach my late father statement of account, death certificate and my camp ID as you requested, dear, i seriously need your help, please go ahead and contact the the bank so that we can know the possibilities of the transfer and keep me inform about any information you receive from them. i will be waiting to read from you.
Yours endless in love,
Miss Cynthia.

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