junio 11, 2012


attention: the picture on the id card belongs to mya from atkexotics :mrgreen: 


My love HH, in fact i was so happy as you've been asking or demanding all this from me, at least this shows me that your a real person, as a matter of fact is now i have really beleive you that you want to help me out from the situation which i am really into.

Any way my love mind you that i have given you my pictures without asking you for your's but i am in position to demand for such first before any other thing but yet i still don't mind, you know that money is one of my major problem just like my school i need to round up my university education before i have to talk about marriege but still above all i need your help which you really know that you don't have any thing to loose or accertain any fear in you, rather i will made you to fill at home when i am out from this cage called refugee camp so my love kindly think baout how you will help me out not to think about any problem in your own side.

Any way i have sent a little write up to you which you will fill and send back so that i will know more about you then it is from there i have to move to the bank with the help of rev. father so that i will make a formal introducation about you to the bank.

I will wait to hear from you as soon as you made up your mind to help me but i really need your help and your love honey. you can go through with my camp ID card and my late fathers death certificate but kindly keep my security as i have told you before.
Yours love,

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