junio 17, 2012



My love and my hope,
Good day from the camp,
How are you together with your work over there? Hope God is in control of everything?
My dear.i thank you for your great efforts to see that we will be free in this life, it makes me feel complete for your great concern towards me and my younger brother not minding our culture and our refugees status, in fact i appreciate you most from the deepest part of my heart, i promise you that you will not regret the reason of knowing and trusting us the same way that we did to you. for now i believe and hope that we are on our way out of this prison called refugees camp with your assistance,

Attach is one of my picture along with my refugee identity card issued to me by (UN) United Nations for Refugee Commission here in the camp as a refugee. for you to believe that what I'm telling you regarding our status are true.

Darling i became interest in you immediately i saw your profile in the site without delay because they said that out of hundred, there must be a good Samaritan, i hope that it was by God's grace that i choose you. after finishing my two weeks fasting and prayers, God reveal to me that you are a very kind person that is capable to help us, i have 100% trust and confidence in you, i am rest assured that you will surely help us out from this terrible place called refugees camp as you promised. This place is like a prison as we are only allowed to go out on Mondays and Fridays of the week, i thank God for the life of the Pastor of the church that is located in the camp where i send and receive email.

We are living like one in the prison with allot of sufferings, without good food, good water to drink, good medical care, good shelter, even good cloths to wear, and every other things that you can think of for a good and a normal way of living. Our life here have been full of misery

My dear, you are all we have in this world now, the fact is that since i read your mail, it gave me courage, i was touched by my spirit that both of us are meant for each other, i can not resist my love and heart of trust to you, i love you from my inner heart. I will sincerely be there for you in every condition and situation that we find ourselves. Your family is mine if you will really be there for us with your heart of love. I am given you full 100% assurance that i will always be yours forever as long as i live in this life.

Please any thing you can do for us to get out of this place as soon as possible, please try and do it because we want to be with you, I want you to know that is not easy to see some one that you don't know before, then have faith and confidence in him to the extent of revealing this kind of secret to him. I trust you because you are a matured man not a boy, you are not the kind that will take advantage of us in any way, you are truthful and kind. When i contacted you, i said to my self that if i should explain the condition that we are to you and you welcome us, it means that you are the person that we are looking for, then i will reveal every thing about us and what we want from you.

My father instructed me on how to get the money that he deposited in Standard Chartered Bank in London (SCB) out from the bank, that i should look for a foreign partner outside the country that will assist me and my younger brother to get the money transferred to his account on our behalf, the person will help us to invest the money in a good business in his country or outside his country. Lastly the person will take care of me and my younger brother Kumba. and he let me know that i should not review this to any of his friends because if people get to know about it. our life will be in danger because of evil people in this world.

I have contacted the bank about my intention for the release and transfer of this money, the bank said that we can't transfer this money on our own, then they instructed us to look for a foreign partner who will stand on our behalf in this transfer due to our refugees status, this money will be transferred to the persons account on our behalf. Presently with me here in the camp is all my fathers bank files which i will send to you as soon as the bank needed them from us concerning this transfer.

My dear, please i have some important questions which have been disturbing me, and i will like you to answer all of them from your inner most heart before i will introduce you to the bank for them to know that you are our life and foreign partner whom i have chosen to stand for me and my brother kumba's behalf in this transfer.

The questions are...........................................................................................

Please i will like to know from your heart if you will really help us to retrieve this money from the bank without any betrayal?.

I will like to know if you will not betray me and my brother after the money is being transferred to your account on our behalf?

I will like to know if you will really help us to invest this money in a good and profitable business in your country once the money is being transferred to your account?.

I will like to know if you will really send us money to get our traveling documents so as to come over to meet you over there as soon as the money is being transferred to your account?
I will like to know if you will really be there for me forever as long as we live together as one ?.

Please this is what i will like you to clear me from your heart of trust to us. Once you agreed with this few words, i will like you to send me your FULL NAME, CONTACT ADDRESS, OCCUPATION, AND FULL IDENTITY so that i will send them to the bank and get you introduce to them as our foreign partner that is helping us to transfer this money to his account on our behalf due to our refugees status.

Hope to receive good news from you
Yours in mind,

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