junio 01, 2012


30 May (2 days ago)

My Dear,

I hope you are very fine and enjoying yourself, I am also a bit fine hoping that i will soon be free to start a new life. I know is somehow to know a person newly and start to tell the person about money, I wouldn't have told you about the money at this time if not because of my suffering here, and i really don't want to continue the suffering without hope when i have such money to claim and continue my studies. I know that money is not everything and we also need to build trust in ourselves to avoid any problem, i really need help now.
When i first contacted the Bank to transfer the Money to me, the Bank made it clear to me that they cannot transfer the money to me since i am still a refugee and residing in a refugee camp, they said that they cannot transfer it because they cannot guarantee my safety in the Orphanage home after transferring such huge amount of money into my account and is against their policy. 
The Bank said that they can only transfer it to me if i am married or if I can present to them a credible Foreign Partner who will join me to claim the money since i don't have any other known Relatives, and when i told the Reverend Father here about it, the Reverend said that they are not allowed to engage in anything that involves love and direct money issues of such nature since he cannot claim to be my partner or marry me, that is better for me to look for a foreign partner, and that is why the Reverend thought me how to use the computer in his office and that is why i also receive calls with his phone too.
I assure you that everything i have told you is the truth and let me not see anything good in life if i ever think of deceiving you or any other person with the loving memory of late parents.
I don't think if it makes any sense for me to stay here for eternity waiting for who to trust, hence my contact with you. I will be waiting for your mail so that i will know if i can give you the full Bank contact information so that you can contact them for the transfer. I have attached my id card as you requested.  
Take care.

Ever yours,

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