junio 20, 2012




My Dear HH H. HH,

Please I am begging you to be fair to me , I am more afraid now after the death of father, things are becoming hots for me.
Please dear I need this to be a top secrecy because I am afraid about my security. 
please I have included Identity in this email. You will also find the proof of funds.

Please my dear I need you not to betray me because I do not have any other valuables, I cannot loose all these money and die in Vain. I am still hiding because here in Africa people can give information that can lead to my arrest and I am trying my best to avoid this.

Please dear contact the bank and give your order about how you wish that they remit the funds to you. 

Please I need you to always update me about any discussion from the bank .

I have given to them my order to the bank to effect the transfer.

Please get back to me for any information



4 comentarios:

  1. Dear, willing and ready to help you.
    And promise not to betray you

    1. Dear, I called the father not briefing me on any details.
      Also anytime I call, I let him know you the reason why called and would love to talk to you but he tells me nothing dear,so what do I do?

  2. Please waiting to hear from you soon

  3. This is my e-mail: clementaddo24@yahoo.com